Saturday, September 19, 2015

Truck You Too from Vintage Wheels

Friend you have arrived. You have worked hard and built a bank account that would make small countries jealous.  Since you’re a car guy, you are going to turn that cash into steel, rubber, and oil.  You are going to start a car collection.  More than just an extra car in the garage or driveway, you want a whole space full of automobiles to throw yourself into.  You have the building up, and you have the knowledge. Now, what is your first all-important purchase going to be? Should you buy the Corvette, the Porsche, the rare one of a kind, or the one you have obsessed over since you were nine?  Well, truly you shouldn’t buy any of those.  A vast amount of time spent working on collectible cars is not spent on your back looking up at a big block.  Time is spent driving back and forth to the parts store.  You will need a vehicle capable of carrying said parts form the parts store.  The ideal vehicle for carrying items large and small is a pickup truck.  You may already own a fully loaded Big Sky Eagle Double Barrel Deluxe Grown Man Beard Addition truck, but that’s not the truck you should be using.  You need a shop truck.  A shop truck is what a real car collection deserves and will look right at home among your other precious acquisitions. 
Here’s Why:

Speed is your friend: The Ford F-150 Lightning was introduced in the early 1990’s to boost Ford’s sporty image.  World champion driver Jackie Stewart was brought in to help with the driving characteristics of the Lightning.  Of course, the Lightning keeps its true truck roots with a very simple combination of big engine and light weight chassis.  Drawback? The Lightning might be faster than some of your “fast” collector cars.  Of course this means you can get back from the store and install those parts even faster. 

Keep it classic:  Jeep aficionados regularly complain about not having a pickup option to choose from.  There are trucks from the past that had beds though.  The Jeep Scrambler keeps all the classic looks of the Jeep brand as well as the incredible off road capabilities the marque is known for.  In reality the Scrambler is a CJ-7 with a stretched frame thus giving the Jeep a bed.  Not just a great shop , but it’s able to haul all your stuff deep into nature. 

Trucking beautiful: Not all trucks are built for just doing work. The Chevrolet pickups from 1955 to 1959 are really something to look at.  At this moment in history, General Motors was designing debatably the best looking vehicles in the world.  It must have been something to walk on to a Chevrolet dealership in 1957.  With its wrap around windshield, a first for a truck, this Chevy has style that you will proudly park next to any other car in your garage.

Oh, just buy the biggest trucking one:  When the United States military needed to replace the venerable Jeep, they chose the Humvee.  To the civilian population, it is lovingly known as the Hummer.  The Hummer was always better suited for the battle field than the Walmart parking lot.  Nevertheless, if you want to be noticed and prepared for the Canadian invasion (oh it is coming) there might not be a better choice. Uncle Sam seemed to think so.  

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