Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Car Guys" Holiday

Ever notice that there is not holiday for the automobile?  Seems to me like there is a holiday for almost everything, BUT cars. Every reason I can think of to go spend two bucks on a card plus postage seems to exist.  Some are very justified like Mothers' day and Veterans' day.  Some seem a little silly like Secretaries' day.  Well I want to create a Car Guy Holiday.  I think the best way to do this is to steal another holiday.  A holiday that is not claimed by any other group.  A holiday like the one we just had, Halloween.  What is Halloween anyway? I think originally it was a pagan holiday but now it is the hodge-podge of different traditions and customs that no one really uniformly shares.  Some eat too much candy, some of you dressed in ways that would get you arrested any other day of the year (you know who you are), and yet others even boycott this holiday like it really matters.
My idea starts with actually stealing another idea.  A local church turned me on to the idea of trunk or treating.  Since it has become too dangerous in our modern world to allow children to go from house to house and ask strangers for candy, this church hosts an event where its members decorate their cars and give out candy from their trunk.  Everyone pretty much knows one another, and it is safe for the kids to walk around without getting run over.  I want to take this one step further.  At the heart of this event are just a bunch of people and their cars sitting in an open parking lot, which sounds a lot like almost every car show I have ever been to.  Most of the time however these events are full of soccer moms and their SUVs.  Why not put a big car gathering full of classic and collectible cars together, maybe even decorate a few, and have a place for kids to come and get treats. Imagine if there was even a recreation Batmobile or an Ecto1 from Ghostbusters.  If you are like me you love any reason to get with other automotive buffs and talk about cars.  Then children have a way to also find out about cars that they would not normally see or hear about.  Most car shows center around the interests of older people and yes usually children are there but an event like trunk or treating is centered on the children.  This could help build up the next generation of car guys to plant the seeds of interest so when they are older they have this amazing memory and they associate this memory with cars.  This would be so easy to organize and start as a yearly tradition for car clubs around the nation.  If you are involved in your community at all please consider this for next Halloween and maybe it won't be some obscure holiday that you don't get off work.  Instead, it would be an event centered on cars and the future of car lovers.