Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back at the Lane Motor Museum

I might have a new favorite spot in the whole world.   It is called the Lane Motor Museum.  Yes, I know I have written about it before but after a recent visit I had to share some pictures and experiences because it is just that good.  For those that don’t know, this museum offers the largest collection of European cars in North America.  It is a great place to go and see cars and motorcycles you will probably never see anywhere else.  My first trip, my heart was won by a little brown E-Type Jaguar but this time my jaw dropped for an ultra-rare Weidner Condor.  If you don’t know what I am talking about don’t fret I will be doing a whole blog on that car to go more in depth. 
Another big surprise for this trip was that I missed a whole exhibit on my first visit.  The larger vehicles and military vehicles of the museum collection are kept in a covered garage.  I am not necessarily a fan of military vehicles but this part of the museum was completely empty and I was left alone to explore these war machines from around the world.  Surprises did not stop there, however, because also in the garage was an E30 M3.  Now first seeing the iconic sports coupe my mind was asking why this car is in the garage and not in the main floor with the other cars.  It became obvious when I stepped up to the Bimmer and seeing a jacket and other personal effects, that this was no show car but an everyday driver.  My assumption is this car belongs to someone that works at the museum and apparently the employees are big E30 fans because a 318i was sitting just a few parking spots down the way.  Great to see cars like this out driving around and it proves the folks running this museum are true driving enthusiast.  On the back of the M3 was a tow hitch which I hope is used to trailer tires back and forth to the track.  Please enjoy the pictures and keep up with me here as I will be going more in depth about some of the cars seen here.

A Car From Space

The best looking car you have never heard of.  There is more to come about this Condor.

This MINI has a front and rear engine because two are better that one.

The MINI Clubman's Predecessor.

This is a Nissan from 1991 and it has more character than anything they build today. What a shame they can't make something like this.  

Rumors are circulating about a return of Datsun.  Based on this Fairlady, let's hope the rumors are true.

This makes me miss SAAB. (Tear)

A hybrid but not like you think.

It runs on gasoline and human power.

1965 Matra D'Jet 5.  I love how it looks like it's driving in reverse.

A pair of great European cars from the 1980's. A Lanica Delta HF Integrale and an Audi 4000

This one owner Audi would be my everyday driver if I could make it mine.

Mazda isn't the only to offer rotary power. This Citroen GS has two rotors.

Another SAAB Racer.

The Condor's Interior

The Legend

Subaru 360

The exterior looks great on this E30.

Everyone thinks they are the Stig.

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