Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hunters Auto Expo 2013

                The Tennessee State Fair grounds are kind of embarrassing.  The fault of years of mismanagement.  It is hardly fit to hold a fair to show off the best of the great State of Tennessee.  I wouldn’t think a great car show would be worth seeing here either.  This weekend I was pleasantly surprised by the Hunters Auto Expo.  Hunters is a Nashville based custom auto shop.  Want to make your ride unique? Want to know what is out there for your car? It doesn’t matter what you drive chances are Hunters has it.  The Auto Expo they sponsor is a great example of their diverse clientele.  It doesn’t matter what your definition of cool is, the expo has it.  Custom trucks, muscle cars, modern classics, and even some oddities are all parked next to each other in an indoor atmosphere.  It’s a state fair for car guys.  This blog I am going to keep short and fill it in with images from this year’s expo and I will be doing later blogs to go more in depth with some of my favorite cars and stories from the show.  As the summer approaches I also promise to take you along for some of the trips I take this year.  Please forgive the pictures, I am no professional.

Here Comes the Judge

Jack's Handy Work

Left Hand Drive Classic MINI

This is what I would have driven home in.  5.0 engine with modern wheels and brakes.
A great daily driver.

This Charger reminded me of the Panamera's interior.

This car deserved a second look.  Classic Camaro front and back with modern in the middle. Plus a Corvette power train.   

This car used to race at the dirt tracks of my home town.

A supercharge V6. I was highly impressed.

One Purple Challenger

A Second Purple Challenger

1976 Pontiac Can Am. I have never seen one and this one is amazing.



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    1. Yes it was a great show. I will have more shows posted on here throughout the year. Feel free to check back in and if you go to any interesting shows be sure to let me know.