Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Awesome Automotive Apps for IPhone

Like any modern car guy on the road I like to stay in touch with my hobby.  With the invention of a certain mobile device I have the power of staying connected anywhere I roam. I realize not everyone has an IPhone or even wants an IPhone but many of you still will have a smartphone of some type and many of the apps I will mention are offered on other operating systems. The first must have app I use not just daily but almost hourly is the Autoblog app.  There is nothing fancy about this app really. More or less it is just a link to Autoblog's website but it does take a lot of the advertising out off the screen and makes it much easier to view on a smaller scale.  Msn Autos, Car and Driver Buyers Guide,, and Edmunds are all apps that pretty much do they same thing.  Ever see a car in a parking lot and you just need to know more about it? Happens to me more than I like to admit.  So these apps give you the information your brain is craving.  I really can't say one is better than the rest. They all have their limits and their strengths. If you are a person that likes to shop for their perfect garage then the apps you need are Autotrader, Cars, and Ebay Motors.  All three will take you to cars listed for sale on their respective sites.  Maybe you actually are in the market for a vehicle or maybe you just want to see what a certain car can be picked up for in the used market. Either way these apps are easy to use and a lot of fun to search.  So now you have researched your car, you have found and bought you car, where do you drive your car? BMW has an app to help with that. Yes BMW. Their UltimateDrive app uses your phone's GPS signal to map out the best driving roads in your particular area based on input from other driving enthusiasts.  Then, one you have found your ultimate driving road, use Rev Lite to track your cars performance.  True, there are several apps out there that can track your cars performance but Rev Lite happens to be free so its the one I use.  Maybe if you like Rev Lite and you see the benefit of a paid app then go for it, it's probably worth it.  All these apps that I have talked about here are free so please enjoy hope you get as much hours of wasted time out of them as I do.


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